Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tagged By AMELIA :)

1. Pick up nearest book
Success Biology SPM (baru abes test.. tibe2 buku ni dekat lak ngan aku)

2. Open to page 123
The Stages of Meiosis II

3. Find the 5th sentence
In both situation, DNA replication does not take place and the chromosomes remain in a condensed state

4. Post the next 3 sentences
Each sister chromatid is attached to the spindle fibres at the centromere

5.I want to tag
- Cma

- Nadia

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day :)


Nadia Samz said...

sekeliling i satu buku pun x dew.

hanya u d ati i.

i x buat tag ni yah.
i just saved yg u wat nih. keh3~


Nana Chocaholic said...

xpe.. demi u.. i sanggup! hahaha